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Fashionable casual personality printed sweatshirts, showing unique self!

Thick colors are coming, bringing you colorful and fashionable autumn and winter, classic style design, using excellent style and craftsmanship, one stitch and one line are very attentive, pop color contrast design, art and fashion combination, showing unique self.

The fresh and lovely impression, the main theme of pink, and the flock printing of black lace, exquisite and three-dimensional, and showing three latitudes, combined with a soft color arrangement of sweaters, still become the highlight of this season. . Simply mix and match pink groups of the same color, black feet pants, clean beige shorts, etc., to better highlight the fair skin, sweet and sexy.

The retro and elegant patchwork sleeves are matched with romantic and beautiful lace, which is elegantly embellished, presenting a visual appeal that cannot be ignored and unleashing the moving charm. Fresh and dynamic burned dots, fluctuating visual charm, with a charming fresh and natural, with a black skirt and high heels. In Shu Ya’s feelings, a gentle feminine swaying.

Advanced hot stamping process, the pattern adds color, beautiful and colorful, bringing you unlimited vitality. Double-layered hem detail, soft and practical.

Simple neckline design, showing the beautiful lines of the neck, advanced hot stamping technology, patchy decoration, stylish and cool, selected high-quality fabrics, close to the skin, soft care!

The design midpoint of this sweater is mainly on the sleeve pattern, the use of different embroidery, stamps, and glue printing techniques to open the level, the fresh and full of high-end,

Butterfly stickers bring visual collision, use embroidery and threading techniques to make the pattern design more three-dimensional decorative texture, versatile casual sweater, cleverly cover the flesh and meat with standard dark stars to create a charming figure.

Tiled cartoon avatar, cute and funny, with a sense of fashion and fireworks, loose version, comfortable and natural to wear, highlighting your personality

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