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Why are sweaters called sweaters, and how do you clean them?

Sweatshirts are thick knitted sports clothes and long-sleeved sports casual shirts. The material is generally thicker than ordinary long-sleeved clothes.

Sweaters are made of knitted fabrics, and knitted fabrics are mostly made of displacement pad yarns, so they are called displacement fabrics or sweater fabrics. Transliteration is called sweaters.

Origin of the sweater name

Sweatshirts actually originated from the era of Harlan. Since the 1970s, hip-hop culture has risen, and as a representative of hip-hop culture, sweatshirts have gradually grown. Now everyone knows that Hip-Hop culture has become an irresistible force in the global youth pop culture. Well-known designers such as Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren also began to perceive the rise of sweaters and began to launch sweater products with university logos on their own brands, and then high-fashion brands such as Gucci and Versace also added sweaters to the product line. .

Sweater selection tips

  1. Sweater selection skills-version distinction

Different versions have a great influence on the overall effect of the figure. Generally speaking, loose sweaters can better adapt to different figures, and relatively slim sweaters can better reflect the characteristics of the figure, whether it is good or not Bad, its characteristics will be infinitely enlarged. And loose sweaters will give people a sense of leisure, while slim sweaters will give people a smart feeling.

Second, sweater selection skills-printing distinction

In the large army of sweaters, solid color sweaters definitely occupy a very large proportion. Solid color sweaters will still give people a simple, simple feeling. However, there will be a bit too simple, resulting in no special features, serious shirt hit on the street. Therefore, the printed sweater is a kind that can make the solid color sweater more full of personality and more distinguished. The printed sweater is a kind of difference that shows the difference from the solid color sweater in the second dimension. The printed pattern is also an important expression to show different personalities. Adding appropriate collocation will bring a sense of fashion and a sexy expression. The most important thing is that the customized patterns of the sweater can be easily displayed no matter what the similar style is, there can also be a hip-hop sweater, and even an elegant sweater. It can be said that printing is a form of display that can give the sweater a second life.

Three, sweater selection skills-length distinction

Strictly speaking, the difference in the length of the sweater is also an aspect of the sweater version. If you want to take this dimension out separately, you want to show that the length is also a very big factor for the sweater. The length will make the sweater look less like a sweater, but more like a display suit on a catwalk. For example, short sweater, this sweater is a style that female friends like very much. This short sweater can perfectly show women’s small waist, very sexy and fashionable. And women wearing long sweaters will give people a feeling of cute girls, long sweaters will give people a feeling of youthful and cute girls.

How to clean the sweater

  1. The temperature of the washing water should not be higher than 25 degrees. It is best to wash with cold water, and it must be washed by hand.
  2. The printed objects should not be immersed in water for too long. Do not rub the surface of the T-shirt pattern with your hands or wash with detergent containing bleach, just use ordinary washing powder and washing soap.
  3. All printed items should not be washed with a washing machine as much as possible. It is recommended to wash by hand.
  4. If the printed pattern of clothing is dirty, please soak it in washing powder for a few minutes, then pat it with a brush (preferably soft brush). It is not advisable to brush hard to avoid damaging the fabric fibers and affecting the color of the printed patterns.
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