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Precautions for custom hooded sweater

Today, the starting point for enterprises to customize cultural shirts is not simply to give a piece of clothing to employees or to advertise their own brands as simple and crude as advertising shirts. Cultural shirts have become an indispensable carrier in the construction of more and more corporate cultures. Many companies I also regard cultural shirts as a kind of small welfare for employees, and I also hope that my employees can like the culture of the company from the heart, because the excellent corporate culture can retain excellent talents to a certain extent. Therefore, many companies have become extra careful when customizing hooded sweaters, hoping that work clothes, like private clothes, will allow employees to wear them both at work and after get off work.

So the question is, how can an enterprise customize a sweater that is popular with employees? This should be grasped in two ways.

Hooded sweater bottom shirt quality:

The quality of the hooded sweater is a decisive factor that affects the taste of the whole sweater and the comfort of wearing. Even simple pattern design can also show the taste through the quality of the bottom shirt. The quality of the hooded sweater can be reflected in details such as drawstring, hem, cuffs, zippers and so on. So when inspecting the quality of the sweater, you can also observe carefully from these places.

Speed ​​shirts and hooded sweaters show different qualities from every detail.

(1) Hooded sweater with hood:

Age-reducing drawstring: high-density woven double rope strap + silver metal head, tight and smooth, not easy to draw.

Seam hem: flat and tight double-thread thread seam stitching process, rejecting single thread, more elastic.

Exquisite cuffs: Use vertical stitching cuffs, comfortable and snug fit, the overall contour is retracted to avoid expansion.

(2) Hooded zipper sweater:

The straightness of the zipper in the zippered hooded sweater is very important. This detail is also an important part of the quality of the sweater.

The speed shirt zipper sweater adopts a metal zipper lock and a toothless zipper, which shows the fashion and exquisiteness from the details.

Hooded sweater pattern design:

In addition to a high-quality sweater bottom shirt, a good cultural shirt also has a good-looking pattern design. The pattern is the real soul of the cultural shirt. Therefore, enterprises should take the pattern design seriously when they want to customize a popular sweater cultural shirt.

Now the pattern design of corporate culture shirts also shows two trends, one is minimalist design, and the other is full personality and creativity. Of course, the design style of the pattern has a certain relationship with the industry field of the company or the positioning and culture of the company, so it cannot be absolutely judged that the design style is necessarily bad. The important thing is that the cultural shirt should combine the characteristics of the company or the industry. This This is the meaning of customized cultural shirts. Good-looking personalized patterns do not necessarily have cultural connotation. Such patterns are not meaningful in printing on cultural shirts. Simple patterns can also be very colorful.

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